An Affiliate Program can be defined as the partnership between you (the affiliate) and an online business that is willing to pays you for any sales generated by the traffic (people – visitors) you send via links on your site. That basically means that if a visitor that is coming to your website clicks on that link which leads to that specific company that owes the affiliate program and then buys something you will receive a commission that has been agreed beforehand between the two parties ( the affiliate and the company own the affiliate program). It is a very easy and quick way to start receiving money when you drive traffic to some company’s’ website and it is expected to have even better results if the affiliate has a relevant site to the product or services that are being advertise by the company that owns that particular affiliate program (makes the conversion of traffic to sales much higher).

For example, let’s say you have a site all about diet and healthy food, and you become an affiliate with a pharmacy X that is selling diet pills. A person who wants to start diet comes to your site to do some research about what type of diet to follow and see the link for that diet supplements from the pharmacy X you are an affiliate of. Realising that he/she can speed up the process of getting into shape decide to try the products that are advertising on that X site. Since you are the affiliate that sent that specific customer, you will receive a commission of what you agree by signing to that affiliate program.

That is what actually makes an affiliate program such an easy way to earn money for someone that has a website from the traffic that is already receiving. Additionally an affiliate program has more than 1-Tier meaning that they offer commission schemes not only for traffic that generate sales but also give you the potential to have your own sub-affiliates sign up under you and help generate income by getting a cut from their profit. To make things clearer, each time you introduce another affiliate to the program by clicking to a certain link that has a hidden code that affiliate starts earning commission 20% of the total amount of sales on top of that the company is willing to pay 2% of the total sale for you as a bonus for introducing that affiliate so you get a substantial amount of money without any effort and by letting others to work for you.

NOTE: The information listed about the affiliate programs are often subject to change. It is impossible for us to guarantee the affiliate info to be accurate 100% of the time. We encourage you to review each program before you sign up.