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Our experience editorial team that is responsible for the affiliate programs review, rating and ranking put tremendous effort to provide an in depth analysis for the most reputable affiliate programs over the internet. As we keep working on adding more and more affiliate programs in our database and receiving more affiliate feedback and contributions, our final goal is to move towards shifting the authority of ranking online affiliate programs to the affiliates themselves since we strongly believe that personal knowledge and experience of our visitors should be of great importance deciding factor relating out final list of the top affiliate programs.

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The affiliate programs that are currently listed at are deemed trustworthy based on research including a wide range of different criteria. More information regarding those factors can be read in our article How to Choose an Affiliate Program. Our visitors are more than welcome to share with us their own experiences regarding any particular affiliate program even if that one is not currently in our database and we promise that we will try to add it in our site if it meets our criteria. In order to make our site as user friendly as possible we list and rank our affiliate program recommendations into relevant categories and add search functionality as well.

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In our affiliate guide you will also be able to find a comprehensive set of articles that act as a guide for the affiliates as well as the latest news regarding affiliates marketing. We publish articles with essential subject matter for those affiliates that are after general affiliate marketing related information and sign up specifically at the top affiliate programs available today.

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