So, you've decided on your market, you've chosen a domain, built a site and are steadily growing your content. Your next step should be to get in as many links as you can. A strong site in and of itself is good but just not good enough. Get networking right away. The importance of having other sites linking to your one cannot be overstated. A network of links gives your affiliate site web presence, more chances for potential visitors to find you, but also more opportunities for the crawlers to find you as now they will be finding references to your affiliate site while crawling other pages. You're goal now is to get as many other websites to link to a relevant page on your site. All links are worthwhile, links from blogs, forum replies, comments, directories will all contribute to your web presence as an affiliate site. Get out there talking to the webmasters of other sites, they will often be willing to exchange links as it will also have a positive effect on their own site when you link to it.

This is the point where you will start to see your page rank really start moving. Keep the content flowing but make sure you get your affiliate site's tentacles out there into the web. The stronger the site, the more the value of the link, it's no good just focusing on sites that no-one visits, your links all be as strong as possible. This is why forums are a great idea as they already have a stable following, this is also true of directories and good blogs. If you play this part of the game right and make sure your content is unique and valuable, then you're well on your way.

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