Okay, in part one we hinted at the value of unique content, now we will elaborate on this topic, not just as a sound affiliate practice, but also as a key to helping you decide what your affiliate website is going to be all about. Content is key as far as being a successful affiliate site goes. Not only does a content rich site draw the attention of the search engine crawlers, hopefully getting good page rank (which will obviously impact on your number of visitors and the number of clicks through), it will also guarantee that once there, your visitors will treat your site as a valuable reference, created by someone who knows what they are talking about. There is nothing that web surfers hate more than being led to a page by a search engine, only to find that the page has precious little information on the search term, but just links to other sites.

On the other hand if your site looks like a reference point on the way to your visitor making a decision, be it signing up with an online poker website or applying for a mortgage, then they are not only more likely to stick around for a few minutes, they are also more likely to click through and earn you some money. Content is what your website will need, and lots of it. Copying stuff from other places may aid you slightly but anyone who has ever made a buck out of being an affiliate will tell you that unique content is the way to go.

This is where you come in and where your decision as to which kind of niche to go for will be of paramount importance. As we have already outlined, in order to be a good affiliate you will need lots of unique content, now in order for you to accumulate unique content (at least for your first sites, where you probably won't be making the sort of money you need to employ other people immediately) you will need to be writing about something that you know a little something about. Even if you know nothing about your subject, you will at least need to be slightly interested in it. This is one way to guarantee that you will take the time to know your affiliate area, do the research, and keep churning the content out. This is definitely the way to go, if you're into online gambling but blackjack is your game rather than poker, then you know what to do. Make your affiliate site an online blackjack encyclopedia, and in no time you'll be making money from the traffic your affiliate site sends to online blackjack websites.

There will be a lot of reading and writing involved, but as each piece of text you post to your affiliate site piles up, and you see your site beginning to look the business and start earning itself a reputable page rank, you will see that it has all been worth while, not to mention all the money that's about to start flowing your way if you keep it up.

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