Sex Sells! It's a proven fact!It is one of the hottest niche markets right now. There will always be people interested in looking at sexually graphic photos and videos. And there will always be new customers. People are turning 18 everyday! Affiliate marketing is a very simple way to earn money while selling a product that already sells itself.

The fastest way to profit from owning an Adult website is though the use of Adult affiliate program. An Adult affiliate program allows anyone to promote third party products and services on their website in exchange for commission. There are 4 different types of affiliate programs, all of which can be lucrative for a certain type of website: Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Search, and Pay Per Sale. We have compiled a list of various vendors which represent each of these types of programs, as well as some useful Adult business resource links.

Currently the most profitable industries in the adult sector are penis enlargement pills and web cams. The reasons for this are simple. Adult content is too easy to get for free, meanwhile everyman wishes he was better endowed and men are willing to pay for the privilege of being larger. Men also craved personalized attention from beautiful women and webcams do this. Webcams also generate far more cash per lead than most adult websites as you get paid for on a per minute basis versus a monthly subscription.

At our Adult Affiliate Guide, we provide you information on the best affiliate programs on the web. Maximize the earning potential of your web site with affiliate marketing. Our Adult Affiliate Guide is the premier online destination for merchants and webmasters seeking lucrative and reputable affiliate marketing solutions. Our guide has everything you need to start making money in this rapidly growing business. Get connected to the adult affiliate community with industry news, feature articles, forum discussions, and helpful affiliate resources.

Rate and review adult affiliate programs for yourself and share your opinions with the rest of the Adult Webmaster world!


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NOTE: The information listed about the affiliate programs are often subject to change. It is impossible for us to guarantee the affiliate info to be accurate 100% of the time. We encourage you to review each program before you sign up.