Once you have decided to be an Internet Marketer or an Affiliate Marketer, there are two options before you. You could either sell your own product or sell other peoples' products and earn a commission. Selling other peoples' products and earning a commission is the easiest and best way of getting started. Certainly you would love to choose the best affiliate program that will ensure success and reap the rewards for all the efforts you put in.

There are tons of affiliate programs on the Internet to choose from. But you are looking for lucrative ones that are going to explode your affiliate profits, aren’t you?

You can kick off by keying in the words, "Top Affiliate Programs" on the search bar of your favorite search engine. You can also use either, "Great Affiliate Programs" or "Best Affiliate Programs." Soon enough, the results will flow in and the list continues to a million of merchants offering you with different kinds of affiliate programs for your work from home ranging from services to info products like e-books to items like shoes, books, cameras and the like.

If you can see the long list, you would say that there are somehow countless products worthy for you to advertise and sell on your sites. But that's not totally the case here. Your work from home as an affiliate entrepreneur will not prosper if you just get affiliated to any programs that you see. Keep in mind that there are still a lot of scams and traps on the loose. You have to get your strategies and guidelines straight.

Many factors are to be considered in choosing the best affiliate programs for your work from home. There's the commission, the rate of refunds, etc. Not only that, one must also be able to check if a certain affiliate program performs well or not compared to the others. And you can only do this if you diversify among the many programs there are. But don't overdo it. Balance is the key.

When you're deciding on what affiliate program to get yourself involved with and will eventually become your work from home, you don't choose the least or the worst. You choose what's best and those of good quality, offer excellent products, match the concept of your site and come from respected merchants or companies

It's not that easy picking out the best affiliate programs however if you have set guidelines and factors in determining one, then you may well be choosing the best for your work from home.

Best affiliate programs Tips

  • Join the programs which has high conversion rate. Visit the sales letter of the website. Is it customer friendly? Would you buy from that site if you were a visitor? Don’t forget, you want to convert your visitors to buyers.
  • Join affiliate programs which have high pay rate for each sale, sign-up, etc. It is better to market programs which give you high commissions rather than programs giving you only 10%. Programs giving you 40% or more for each sale, sign-up can be considered high pay rate programs.
  • Join the programs which offer unique, exciting and shocking products in a market. Try to find programs that others are not marketing. If the product you market is unique in a hot market then you have much more chance to succeed than marketers in the same market.
  • Learn when they send affiliate checks. There are programs that send you check every two weeks, or a certain day of each month. Also there can be programs which pay money to your PayPal or bank account.
  • You can increase you affiliate income with two-tier programs. In two-tier programs you are referring other affiliates to the same program you joined. Each time you refer new affiliate, they become sub affiliates under you and you get extra money for this. It means you will receive a percentage of commissions you sub affiliates make. And you make a passive income with these programs.
  • Join the programs which pay you lifetime commissions. It means that if the customer you referred buys other products from the same website in the future, then you will get paid for those purchases too.
  • Affiliate programs for membership sites are great opportunity for making lifetime income. The customer you refer to membership sites pays certain amount of money each month to stay as a member. And you get paid commissions for each month the members maintain their membership.

These are tips to find lucrative Best affiliate programs to join. Consider these tips when you are making research and you will succeed. I wish you success on your way of making money with top affiliate programs. It should now be obvious that the above mentioned criteria play a very important role when the time comes to choose the best affiliate program that can help you make money from home. Remaining motivated makes your journey as an internet or affiliate marketer much easier.

NOTE: The information listed about the affiliate programs are often subject to change. It is impossible for us to guarantee the affiliate info to be accurate 100% of the time. We encourage you to review each program before you sign up.