If you haven’t already heard, binary options have become a real mover and shaker in the online trading industry over the past few years. As a result there is a great deal of money to be made by generating traffic for binary brokers. This article will briefly introduce you to the subject as well as revealing who the highest paying binary brokers are as far as their affiliates are concerned.

So if you already run a website or blog, or are thinking about starting one, binary options affiliate programs may be the perfect way for you to monetise your site.

Essentially an affiliate program allows webmasters and bloggers to cooperate with certain merchants, sending them traffic in return for either as percentage of the profits they generate, or advertising fees. This doesn’t cost you as an affiliate anything, except of course for the hard work required to create a high ranking website that generates traffic and also provides something useful to its visitors. If you can do all this there is no reason why you can’t make a great deal of money on a monthly basis.

Becoming an affiliate does not involve forking out any money upfront, or taking out any kind of membership for a fee. In fact what you can offer them by way of leads is why they need you almost more than you need them

Below you will find a list of the highest paying binary options affiliate programs, run by the biggest and best binary brokers known in the business. We hope this information helps you on your journey towards becoming a top paid affiliate and making a regular income from binary options.

Top Three Binary Options Affiliate Programs:

  • 24Option Affiliate Program
    24Option occupy that much-valued top spot now as the number one binary options broker in the business. Sound marketing as well as solid business practices and sterling customer care have seen the company rise in the ranks over the last year or so. 24Option are also extremely generous to their affiliates, offering $100 CPA (cost per acquisition), and much more.
  • TradeRush Affiliate Program
    Hot on the heels of 24Option we have TradeRush, a binary options hotshot rapidly cleaning up. The company also has an interesting claim to fame, being the brokerage that pioneered the 60 second binary trade, which most brokers have now recognised as an extremely profitable option to have on their trading platform. TradeRush offer their affiliates a very generous 25-35% revenue share of all money generated by the leads your website generates.
  • Banc de Binary Affiliate Program
    Banc de Binary have lost some of their market share to the other two companies on this list but still remain one of the big boys as far as binary options brokerages go. The company has a strong affiliate program and is very generous to its most valued affiliates. If you sign up as an affiliate with Banc de Binary (via BDB affiliates) you can expect between 100 and 400 dollars CPA, as well as regular gifts and prizes for the top affiliate websites.
NOTE: The information listed about the affiliate programs are often subject to change. It is impossible for us to guarantee the affiliate info to be accurate 100% of the time. We encourage you to review each program before you sign up.