One of the biggest misconceptions in affiliate marketing is that it is a short cut to making big bucks. This is the first thing we have to clear up. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme; it is not a quick way to making money without needing to go to all the effort and time of developing a unique product of your own. Quite contrary affiliate marketing it is a long, slow, hard grind. It calls for discipline, effective time management, patience and knowledge in whatever area you are choosing to work in. In short you have to be accomplished in a variety of different areas from website design, to research and content writing, you have to be an accomplished journalist knowing full well that you will never receive any of the accolades that print journalists do. There are no shortcuts to building a strong affiliate site. It takes time, hard work but if you are prepared to put in the work you will slowly see your google rank rise and hopefully eventually be in a position where you can attract the attention of advertisers. The following is a basic overview including tips that may come in handy as you start to plan your fledgling affiliate website. We hope it comes in handy and we hope to see you on the top search engine pages soon!

Manage Your Time Wisely

Time management is probably the most important thing that beginner affiliate site developers need to get right, especially when their projects are in their infancy and probably have only one person to work on them. Most affiliate site developers have numerous sites on the go at any given time and this is a good strategy because you never know which of your sites will blow up, it's the old story of not having all your eggs in one basket, spread yourself a little further and you increase your possibilities of success. Having said that, once you have these bases covered you will need to develop the numerous sites you have chosen to run and this can be very tricky. One of the main mistakes beginners make is to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to get one of their many sites perfect to the detriment of all the others. This is definitely a no no. Tunnel vision will not serve you well in this game. Your best bet is to recognize that your sites will NEVER be complete, they will always need work, once you have taken this on board you will be free to spread your attentions amongst all your sites. Work on all of them bit by bit and you will get a hell of a lot more done. Also working on one site for long periods of time will ultimately mean that you get less done. Anyone who has done just this will tell you that the more time you spend writing the same kind of content or SEO optimizing one page, the slower and slower you work as fatigue begins to set in. If, on the other hand, you move from one site to the next, completing one task and then moving on to another one, you end up keeping yourself fresh for longer periods of time. You won't get bored as easily.

Pick Your Battles

Make lists! We cannot stress how important this is. Many fall into the rut of thinking they have to be doing something on one of their sites all the time in order to be making progress. What they end up doing is tinkering with a photograph in a picture editor for three hours to get it just right when more pressing concerns should have been heeded. Before you start (probably on the weekend) take an inventory of what needs doing on which site, prioritize these tasks and list them with the most urgent tasks first and the least urgent ones last. With this list in hand you should approach your week planning to work through it as faithfully as possible. By doing this you make sure that your tasks are varied and that you do your most urgent work at the beginning of the week when you are most fresh. Photoshop tasks and other such tweaks that take time and may not be as essential to the success of your sites should be relegated to playtime rather than including them in your lists of tasks. In other words you can do these things on your breaks or at times when you are not officially“at work”. Follow this simple tip and we guarantee that within a month you will have significantly progressed in the development of all your sites. Try it and keep records so you can see just how much you actually get done by following this strategy.

Research Research Research

Another important part of your work week that we suggest you keep off your list of “things to do” and diligently work at during your down time is research. By doing this you make sure that you get as much work done in your work time and are also improving yourself and pushing forward with your goals. Visit forums, read articles and tutorials, scope out the competition, survey the progress of your existing sites, these are all things you should constantly be doing. By refraining from doing them during the day however you ensure that you get a hell of a lot more done. Affiliate marketers who succeed are always on call, they do not work a 9-5. So make your 9-5 the solid site developing period of your day and do everything else at the rest of the time. Even idle surf time can be useful in gaining new insights and inspirations and planning new projects.

Know Who You're Up Against

You should always know who your competitors are? Which sites are up and coming, who has the top spot, study these sites religiously and analyse what they are doing right, applying the logic of their success to your own projects will help your own affiliate projects to evolve. Obviously don't copy what they are doing or you could actually see your own pages demoted for plagiarism but know what the key to their success is and try to do the same things in your own projects.

Limit Your Investments

Spending money on all sorts of schemes to advance your sites may seem like a nifty short cut to getting to the top of the page ranks but it is not an infallible method by any stretch of the imagination. In fact if you are spending more than you are making you are ultimately setting yourselves up for a fall. The key is to recognize that no one method in isolation will bring you success, but utilizing the tools at your disposal efficiently and intelligently is the way to get your sites moving. Limit your outgoings and the advertising work that you do and make sure that you are developing your content and your link building s well as the layout and look of your sites without leaving any one aspect lagging behind. As the money starts to trickle in you will be able to spend more so take it easy to begin with and grind hard until it does.

Don't Give In To The Site Builder Blues

Affiliate marketing is a rough and tumble industry with a great deal of competition and no guarantees whatsoever. Consequently it attracts a very definite type of freak. Most affiliate site developers work from home, work alone, and/or develop their sites in the time they have to spare from their day job. This can mean that you don't give it your all because the uncertainty surrounding your projects don't make them feel like a real job, a feeling that can be exasperated if you work solely from home. You need to recognise that any time wasted on idle surfing, watching TV or other delay tactics is time that your competitors are using more efficiently than you to make sure their own sites are moving up in the ranks faster than yours are. You have to find mechanisms that keep you motivated because in this game you don't have a boss standing over you or targets to meet. You are your own motivator in the affiliate site game and you have to be a hard task master or our projects will never get off the ground. As yourself if this is just a hobby to you or if you are dedicated to making it work at all costs, do you want to be in a position where you have an income thanks to the work you have put in or are you satisfied with just dabbling here and there with no real results. This ultimately separates the men from the boys in affiliate marketing. Overwhelmingly so it is not the luck or the skills or the content that make the biggest difference but how you handle being self-employed, self-motivating and how hard you are prepared to grind when no real income is being provided by your affiliate projects. Are you ready to take the weight or not?

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