If you belong among the people that are wishing to have a substantial income in the online industry choosing the right affiliate programs must belong on the very top of your priorities. The only problem you most probably going to face with such a choice is how you realise if an affiliate program is a good one for you.

Here are some of the criteria most affiliates want in a top affiliate program. If you try to follow those tips you should be able to filter out all the bad ones and sign up to those that are more profitable and suit you the most.

  1. Reputation. One of the first things you need to consider when you try to choose between affiliate programs is how reputable the company that offers that affiliate program is. Not only you need to trust them so they will not cheat you regarding your commission but also your visitors (the potential customers) must feel safe and secure buying from them. If there is no trust no matter how hard you will work and no matter how much traffic you get the conversion of this traffic to sales will be low so you shouldn’t expect any large income for that sign up.
  2. Large commissions. Realistically speaking is common knowledge that the most attractive feature an affiliate program can have in order to successfully sign up a large number of affiliates is the amount of commission that it actually pays of its affiliate partners. And that is logical since the affiliates work hard to promote the various products and services for companies and as a result those companies earn a substantial amount of money. Obviously for those services they expect the biggest possible cut of that profit. If the affiliate commission is low it doesn’t really worth that effort of promoting. Just bear in mind that the percentage of the commission the affiliate programs are offering is directly proportional to the price point. The 10% for an item of 1000 euros is more profitable than the 20% of a 10 euro item. So the affiliates must consider the various parameters like sale price, conversion rate and the amount of commission as well as weighing the pros and cons of each program before they make their final decision on which affiliate program they will promote.
  3. Payments. Obviously if an affiliate does his part he would like to be paid on a regular basis at least one time a month if of course the target that they have agreed with the company have been accomplished and they have commissions due. The flexibility of payment options is quite important to a big number of affiliates and although currently Paypal payments considered to be the most convenient way of affiliates’ payment still some of the top affiliate programs are even willing to provide their big affiliates with a MasterCard that will be used for the transactions regarding commission of the affiliates and the company of that owns the affiliate program. Just Bear in mind that is vital to always read and understand the read terms of service regarding payments which can be much different for each affiliate program before you put your effort and hard work towards the promotion.
  4. Tools and materials. Although most of the work will be done by you – the affiliates – in order to attract traffic it’s always good to know that you will be given as much help as possible from the company of the affiliate program. This help is mainly in terms of promotional tools and materials each particular network offers. For example some of them offer attractive web templates so the affiliate can set up his website right away. Also the content and any other written material regarding the products or services you are about to promote can save you lot of valuable time and help you get your visitors much faster than if you did all the research yourself. Knowledge is power and knowing as much as possible about what you are promoting is one of the most important keys to the success. That is the only way to provide valuable information to your visitors i.e. your would be customers.
  5. Forums. Some of the most reputable affiliate programs are now even provide forums where their affiliates and the program administrators can meet and discuss various topics, seek for support or even exchange ideas with each other. As a result valuable knowledge can be gained and this knowledge can be converting into high number of sales and therefore higher profit. Additionally, is an easy way to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the products or services that are being promoted.
  6. Statistics. As we previously said knowledge is extremely important. We have covered the part of the knowledge regarding what an affiliate is promoting but there is another equally ingredient that is going to help you to understand what you have to do to continually increased your number of sales. And this is to understand your traffic. That is why the top affiliate programs are providing the affiliates with detailed statistics so you can not only track the number of sales you have but also to know how much traffic you have where is coming from what product they like more and having this knowledge you can make your marketing effort more focus to what you believe will be more profitable area to concentrate in. Additionally if a company provides you with such detailed reports is unlikely that they are scum because that kind of information increase the chance to uncover the dishonest companies. So you should feel much more secure that you are not going to be cheated.
NOTE: The information listed about the affiliate programs are often subject to change. It is impossible for us to guarantee the affiliate info to be accurate 100% of the time. We encourage you to review each program before you sign up.