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If you are interested in promoting the many lucrative online trading affiliate programs, you can help investors find services and solution for all their online trading needs while making money. Our aim is to help you be more successful by finding the right Forex Affiliate Program for your traffic and country. > Forex

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Forex Affiliate Programs
Forex-Affiliate.comA world leading and highly paying Forex affiliate program. The Forex (currency exchange trading) industry is the biggest market on earth today, with a daily turnover of 3 trillion dollars! Anyone today can trade Forex online. The participants in this market include central banks, organizations, commercial banks, institutional traders, and private individuals throughout the globe. This is a highly exciting market, though risky! Affiliating in the Forex market offers you a great earning potential, with online access to your traffic performance and your commission. The affiliates are provided with online support, marketing creatives and professional tools – free of charge. offers a win-win earning program – combination of CPA and Revenue-Sharing, tailor made to suit you best! As our business partner, your commission is based on the revenue generated by your referrals, plus a flat fee for introducing referrals. In addition, you may well enhance your earning by running the 2nd-tier program (introducing Forex-Affiliates under you). Also the 2nd-tier program offers combined CPA and Comm-Share (flat fee, plus percentage of commission earned by your referred affiliates).
Program type: Pay-per-sale Commission rate: $250 plus 10% for first tier affiliates and $25 for second tier
Location: Europe More info

Online trading affiliate programs have really taken off with the surge in online stock trading in recent years. It is possible by anyone with a computer and the tools to understand the stock market. There are many kinds of online trading, including: online commodities trading, online currency trading, online future trading and online forex trading or Foreign Exchange.

Joining an online trading affiliate program is easy and does not require expertise in the online trading world; however you can learn online trading. The first step is understanding the different kinds of online trading:

Online Commodity Trading is the online trading of commodity based products like food, metal or electricity. It was started to service the trade of agricultural products.

Online Forex Trading is the foreign exchange or FX and it is the online trading of one currency for another. The most money is traded via the forex market and it is often utilized by banks and other financial institutions. This form of online currency trading can be quite lucrative if you have an understanding of world affairs.

Online Future Trading is a contracted obligation to buy or sell on a specified date. This is often used in the commodities market.

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