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Adult affiliate programs are hot, hot, hot. Earn incredible commissions for referring your adult website visitors to great deals on adult dvds, adult toys, adult movies and more. There are lots of money to be made in the adult industry. If you're looking to earn money on adult affiliate marketing, there are many companies offering good and lucrative affiliate programs. Standard in the segment are normally around 20-30 % CPO but some adult affiliate programs may pay up to 50 % commission, to loyal and newly signed up members. We’ll help you to find the best adult affiliate program here. > Adult

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Adult Affiliate Programs
AdultFriendFinder.comBecome an affiliate of the biggest in the business for over 10 years. AdultFriendFinder is the largest sex & swingers personals community with over 20 million members. Become an affiliate of this powerhouse and increase your earning potential through four different payout programs. It's your choice! Get paid up to $1.00 per click, share up to 75% of our revenue, make a flat $30 for each premium membership or refer other webmasters and make 10% of their earnings!
Program type: Pay-per-sale Commission rate: Sale: $85 and for Click: $1
Location: More info
Sexy Spot Mall
Sexy Spot MallThe cost to join this program is ZERO if you already own a URL (domain name). If not, for the mere cost of a name registration you are ready for business. The site will be fully functional containing its very own, password protected, Administration Section. All orders, visitor counts, commissions, site colors, layouts, pictures, front page information, etc. are viewable and changeable in this section. A commission will be paid monthly for all orders shipped from your site. Earn commissions rates
Program type: Pay-per-sale Commission rate: 15% to 50%
Location: More info
Webcams.comTry the affiliate program for, a live adult chat site offering surfers access to chat with 1000's of live amateur webcam performers. We pay $42+ per new sign up or a revenue sharing scheme of 60% of membership fees and 20% of site spending. Great promotional tools and support with weekly payouts to affiliates.
Program type: Pay-per-sale Commission rate: $42+ per new sign up or a revenue sharing scheme of 60% of membership fees and 20% of site spending
Location: More info

The oldest and most lucrative affiliate industry online is the adult sex industry and it is still going strong with even more quality programs catering to every niche and genre of the adult sex industry.

Refer website visitors to buy adult dvds or adult dvd rentals and make money on every click, registration or sale. Some adult affiliate programs even pay commissions on the lifetime of the customer, making your repeat visitors even more lucrative. Grab traffic by reviewing adult dvds, adult videos, adult toys and adult movies. Critique the best ones and you will gain an active audience that comes back for more valuable information every day and buys. Start an adult sex blog or e-mail list to better communicate with your visitors.

On top of adult movies and toys, the adult chat industry is growing, much like dating websites and can be a great way to refer your traffic to connect with like minded people, while creating a steady stream of income from their loyalty. Often you can make a large sum on their initial registration or a percentage of their membership for the lifetime of the customer. The same can be said of the web cam industry and the adult sex world has become even more interactive, accepted and addicting.

Deciding which affiliate program to join can be overwhelming, given the sheer number of available out there. However, the best have a reputation for excellence and understand the need for quality product and superior customer support. Successful adult affiliates partner with adult affiliate programs that can offer the best inventory of products for their specific market, from toys to movies and beyond. Targeted adult websites do a great business catering specifically to certain sub-cultures and tastes. Just like in other parts of the online marketing world, the adult sex world pays well for highly targeted traffic. Many adult sex marketing programs include bonuses and incentives, as well as 2nd tier programs to make money on any affiliates you refer to the adult affiliate program.

Adult affiliates market their adult sex industry partners via banners and email primarily, with Google adwords available for select phrases, after a long period of time in which paid search was not allowed. Paid search can be very competitive for hot adult sex phrases, which is why a good domain name and content is key to optimizing your adult affiliate website. Luckily affiliates are provided everything they need form the adult affiliate program, so no need to source pictures or videos; you simply refer traffic and make money. Affiliates do not need to collect payments or handle memberships either, making is a simple and effective source of income for a home based business. The adult sex world will only continue to grow and adult affiliates will grow along with it.

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